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Projects: National Anti-Corruption Programmes

EU Phare Justice and Home Affairs projects in anti-corruption in 2002 - 2003
Themes: National Anti-Corruption Programmes, Anti-Corruption Campaigns, Justice and Home Affairs, Economic Crime
Countries: Lithuania
For more info, contact: The European Commission - Brussels, International

Duration: from 2001 to 2003
Funded by: The European Union's Phare Programme

Second SPAI workshop on Conflict of Interest Management, Istanbul, 12-13 September 2003 (click here to download the program)
Themes: National Anti-Corruption Programmes, Project Database
Countries: Stability Pact Anti - Corruption Initiative
For more info, contact: Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies Secretariat - Paris, International

Projects carried out by the Centre for Regional Development/Transparency International Armenia
Themes: National Anti-Corruption Programmes, NGOs' experiences in Anti-Corruption Programmes, Regional Initiatives, Anti-Corruption Projects
Countries: Armenia
For more info, contact: Center for Regional Development - Yerevan , Armenia

In March 2001, CRD organized a Seminar entitled "Formation of TI Chapter in Armenia: Prerequisites and Perspectives." Results of the meeting include the formation of a National Anti-Corruption Coalition in Armenia and the development of a three-year action plan for the coalition. 10 out of 15 participating organizations signed the Memorandum of Understanding affirming their intention to form a National Anti-Corruption Coalition under the umbrella of CRD/TI Armenia. Today, 20 non-governmental organizations specialized in various fields are members of the Coalition. CRD/TI Armenia is currently developing a database on all ongoing projects of the member organizations and is planning to publish a brochure on the Coalition and its ongoing and future anti-corruption activities.

In September 2001, CRD/TI Armenia, along with its Georgian and Azeri counterparts, started a joint Project Promoting Transparency at Regional Customs designed to further regional economic development. The Project is funded by the South Caucasus Cooperation Program, Eurasia Foundation. It includes the following: review and analysis of appropriate legal provisions and regulations; public opinion survey and focus group discussions to identify the most corrupt practices; promotion of public awareness on customs-related issues; and development of policy recommendations to increase transparency and efficiency of customs administrations throughout the South Caucasus.

In September 2001, CRD/TI Armenia organized the first TI Regional Workshop entitled South Caucasus Cooperation in Combating Corruption, held in Yerevan. TI International Secretariat, Berlin, funded the preparation and organization of the Workshop. The main goal of the workshop was to enhance cooperation among the interested parties in the region to promote transparency, accountability and integrity through the joint anti-corruption initiatives. Representatives of TI Offices from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, TI International Secretariat, as well as representatives of the government sector and international community attended the workshop.

In October 2001, CRD/TI Armenia received another grant from TI International Secretariat, Berlin for adaptation of some chapters of the Source Book to the Armenian reality. The adapted materials will be distributed among interested parties: government officials, members of the Coalition, other NGOs, business community, media, etc. CRD/TI Armenia is currently seeking extra funding to provide adaptation and publication of the whole book.

Duration: from 2001 to 2002
Funded by: Transparency International Berlin, Eurasia Foundation

Judicial Reform Project
Themes: National Anti-Corruption Programmes, Independent Judiciary, Investment Climate, Rule of Law, Judicial Reform
Countries: Armenia
For more info, contact: World Bank - Yerevan, Armenia

This World Bank funded Judicial Reform Project in Armenia, will assist in the development of an independent, accessible, and efficient judiciary, essential to governance, the rule of law, and an investment climate. The components will: 1) develop judiciary self governing bodies, namely, the Council of Court Chairmen, and its administrative office, and, establish a modern court administration system, through the design, and implementation of new case management models, including automation of courts. Improved legislative framework will be enhanced through advisory services, and study tours; 2) ensure the rehabilitation of court facilities, enhance security, and improve access to the courts. Construction, and rehabilitation of court buildings, include design, engineering, and supervision costs, as well as equipment, and furniture supply; 3) provide assistance to the Judicial Training Center, in coordination with other donors, in particular, the European Union. Training techniques, and curricula will be developed, and monitoring and evaluation processes will be designed through technical assistance provision; 4) improve enforcement of court decisions, aiming at strengthening the Enforcement Service capacity, the professional development of its staff, and, includes automation services; 5) develop a comprehensive strategy for information dissemination, and improve access to legal information by courts, through technical assistance, and the establishment of an electronic database; and, 6) develop public awareness, and education campaigns, through public relations strategies for the judiciary, and adequate training to journalists in legal issues. Judicial surveys will be conducted at preparation, to seek the current public awareness towards legal institutions in the country.

Duration: from 14 September 2000 to 31 December 2004
Funded by: The World Bank
Budget: $ 11,4 Mill.

Development of an Anti-Corruption Strategy
Themes: National Anti-Corruption Programmes
Countries: Armenia
For more info, contact: World Bank - Yerevan, Armenia

Duration: from 05 February 2001 to 07 May 2003
Funded by: The World Bank
Budget: $ 300,000

Support to the National Anti-Corruption Programme
Themes: National Anti-Corruption Programmes
Countries: Georgia
For more info, contact: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Tbilissi, Georgia

This UNDP funded project aimed at establishing and supporting the Anti-Corruption Promotion Group - a temporary NGO, which conducted an in-depth study of the problem of corruption in the country, propose legislative and administrative measures to combat and limit corruption in the country and facilitate informational support to the anti-corruption policy.
Duration: from 01 October 1997 to 30 September 2000
Funded by: United Nations Development Programme
Budget: $ 500,000

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