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Projects: Procurement

Introducing a public procurement system: Experience in Central and Eastern European Countries, SIGMA/OECD Publication
Themes: Procurement
For more info, contact: Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies Secretariat - Paris, International

Preparation of Draft Procurement Legislation
Themes: Procurement
Countries: Armenia
For more info, contact: World Bank - Yerevan, Armenia

Duration: from 12 April 1994 to 12 April 1997
Funded by: The World Bank
Budget: $ 100,000

The United Nations' Development Programme and its Involvement in the Fight Against Corruption
Themes: Rule of Law, Regional Initiatives, Judicial Reform, Procurement
Countries: International
For more info, contact: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - New York, International

This document provides an outline about the United Nations' Development Programme's involvement in the Fight Against Corruption. It sets out UNDP's priorities for different countries, amongst which for those of the ACN region.
Funded by: United Nation Development Programme

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