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International - Projects

Political Party Financing in Latvia Riga February 2003
Themes: Political Party Financing
Countries: Latvia, International
For more info, contact: Transparency International - Berlin, International

Duration: from 14 February 2002 to 16 February 2002
Funded by: Transparency International Latvia/DELNA The Soros Foundation Latvia

Donor Standards in Anti-Corruption Project
Themes: Donors' Standards in Anti-Corruption Project
Countries: International
For more info, contact: Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies Secretariat - Paris, International

Foreign direct assistance to fight public sector corruption has met with mixed success. Even when such assistance is effective in meeting its stated objectives, it often, nonetheless, inadvertently contributes to corruption by introducing aid into resource-scarce areas or into systems with integrity and accountability problems. The 2001 Annual Meeting of the Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies (ACN) identified donor standards and co-ordination as key problems in anti-corruption assistance and called for further analysis.

In this context, the Donor Standards in Anti-Corruption Project (DSACP) was undertaken with the aim to identify tentative lessons learned on how aid may be provided to maximize positive impacts. The first phase of the project was carried out by the ACN in collaboration with the Collaborative for Development Action Inc (CDA) from March till September 2002. Seven case studies were carried out identifying some of the key issues that donors and implementing agencies come across when providing anti-corruption assistance. To view the case studies and the end of project report click on the title "Donor Standards in Anti-Corruption Project".

Comments can be send to the Network secretariat at

Duration: from 31 March 2002 to 15 September 2002
Funded by: ACN Steering Group members (UNDP, Transparency International Secretariat Berlin, TI Russia and Latvia, OSI, COLPI), DfID, OECD Development Assistance Committee, Lessons Learned Unit of UNMiK Kosovo.
Budget: US$ 120,000

No Progress Without Coalition – From Polish Civil Society’s Bitter Experience
Themes: NGOs' experiences in Anti-Corruption Programmes
Countries: International
For more info, contact: Stefan Batory Foundation - Warsaw, International

Transcript of a presentation given by Mrs Kopinska during a regional workshop organized by the UNDP in Vilnius, Lithuania, 6-7 September 2001.

The United Nations' Development Programme and its Involvement in the Fight Against Corruption
Themes: Rule of Law, Regional Initiatives, Judicial Reform, Procurement
Countries: International
For more info, contact: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - New York, International

This document provides an outline about the United Nations' Development Programme's involvement in the Fight Against Corruption. It sets out UNDP's priorities for different countries, amongst which for those of the ACN region.
Funded by: United Nation Development Programme

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