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Useful Links - Stability Pact Anti - Corruption Initiative

Anti-Corruption Tools

• The Transparency International Source Book 2000
The first version of Transparency International's Source Book (now translated into over 20 languages) argued the case for a "National Integrity System", an holistic approach to transparency and accountability and embracing a range of accountability "pillars", democratic, judicial, media and civil society. The concept has since achieved a widespread consensus, while anti-corruption success stories remain largely elusive.

• The World Bank's Interactive Web-Tool on Governance Indicators
Web tool to a database for 175 countries, for the following six dimensions of Governance:
1) Voice and Accountability
2) Political Stability and Lack of Violence
3) Government Effectiveness
4) Regulatory Quality
5) Rule of Law and
6) Control of Corruption.


Codes of Ethics/Codes of Conduct

• The OECD Public Management Directorate's Work on Ethics and Corruption


Go to the web-site of the Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative

• Albania in the Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative

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